Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to process my order?

All order placed directly with Spec-D Tuning will be processed and shipped out within 2 business days.

Please note Spec-D Tuning is a wholesale company and we only work with wholesalers and distributors.

What are my shipping carrier options?

We only ship with UPS (United Postal Service) and LTL freight.

I did not receive my order on delivery date. What do I do?

Any delays should be brought to the attention of UPS and should not be addressed to Spec-D Tuning. To determine the status of your delivery, please contact UPS with the tracking number provided to you in the shipping confirmation email.

My order was damaged upon delivery?

Spec-D Tuning is not liable for any damages incurred while in transit. Should any damages occur, a UPS claim will be filed through Spec-D Tuning on behalf of the customer.


I'm interested in being sponsored. What do I do?

Please send a proposal to our sponsorship team at or fill out this form link


What is the warranty on Spec-D orders?

Spec-D Tuning offers a 90 day manufacture warranty on factory defects from the original order date. Please contact our customer service department and one of our representatives will be able to assist you.

If you purchased from a 3rd-party retailer/seller, please inquire their warranty policy with them first.


How can I get installation help?

Professional installation is highly recommended for our products. However, if you're comfortable installing the product yourself, we do provide PDF installation guides (if available).

Video installation guides can be found on our channel and on the product item under "Installation" tab (if available) as well.

Where can I purchase your products?

If you're interested in purchasing as a wholesale distributor, please send an email to
Otherwise, you can purchase the product through K2 Motor, our official retailer for Spec-D Tuning.